The Motion of Four Planets in Retrograde

dance hip hop manRetrograde in April:
Mercury (how we think)
Venus (what we love)
Saturn (how we connect with the world)
Pluto (our truth)

With four planets all retrograde, life seems to slow down. We may feel like we are going backward or in circles.

To dance with the energies of the retrograde, it is best to question any feeling of urgency and be able to take a step back and reflect on options/information.

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Venus Retrograde: A Renewal of Love, Beauty & Prosperity

orchid delicate flowerVenus will be in the Sign of Aries for Four Months with a dip back into the waters of Pisces as she journeys into the light of the Sun to re-emerge as the morning star to herald the dawn of a new day.

It is a journey of self love, of tending to the relationship with our self that will result in experiencing greater love, beauty and abundance in our life

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February 2017 Liv It Up Astrology Newsletter

einstein-stripes-and-plaidAbsorbed in this world,
You’ve made it your burden.
Rise above this world.
There is another vision.
~ Rumi

There are two eclipses this month which promise to break open and release deep-seated tensions.

Mars takes center stage fueling bold action motivated by passion and possibly anger.

The highly charged energy of the dance of Uranus and Jupiter is also discussed and how it is opening possibilities for a radical departure from how we have been living.

We are in the midst of great change at home and in the world. The Newsletter provides insight into ways to navigate February and the revolutionary energies so we can stay in the eye of the storm and not get blown about unnecessarily.

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Living With the Moon: A Webinar

Enliven Your Relationship with the MoonMoon becomes river

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Four Wednesdays over the course of one Lunar cycle
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What the Planets Reveal About 2017

2017-plant-seedsThe Cracks within the Crumbling Patriarchal Systems are letting in Light and We Begin to Come out of Hiding.

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Happy New Year – May we all embrace the incredible opportunities for expansion, innovation and the strengthening of relationships offered this year

Thrive in a Mercury Retrograde


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