Aquarius New Moon, January 27

butterfly-flying-manWe are encouraged to rise high above all that is going on and set an intention for clear vision, to comprehend the big picture as the Aquarian New Moon dawns on January 27 at 7:07 pm EST

Amid the great changes happening at home and globally, this New Moon invites us to detach from emotions and the complexity of how we currently engage life.  Rising above the trees, the details and specifics, we can find fresh and objective clarity.

Having a bird’s eye view of the forest of our lives and then seeking an even higher vista to peruse our life within the story of humanity, seeing the forest span years and even centuries, we gain perspective. Lofty, maybe – yet necessary to pull ourselves up from the muck, from reactiveness, from anxiety about what is happening on the ground.  With the depth of transformational and turbulent change happening within the collective, we are asked to find our bearings within a big picture viewpoint to give us clues as how to ride the rapids of what is unfolding.

Michelle Obama when talking about how her and her husband handled inflammatory attacks, petty and obstructionist politics, and inappropriate reporting by media, said:

“When They Go Low, We Go High.”

This phrase exemplifies the spirit of what this New Moon is about.  The Obamas have the big picture in mind. Centered in their integrity that is tied to their core values, they embrace the bigger view of who they are and what they are about, which keeps them from sinking into behaviors that mirror what is coming towards them.

Mercury, Planet Of The Mind, Assists Us With The New Moon Endeavor.

Our minds are opening to deeper truths and understandings (Mercury conjunct Pluto).  We are looking at things pragmatically, leaning towards a realistic rather than idealistic assessment of structures and activities (Mercury in Capricorn).  And we are being flooded with new information that seems to challenge and break down ways of thinking and understanding life and the world (Mercury square Uranus).

We may feel compelled to speak out, to find the megaphone or the soapbox or find ourselves on the receiving end of someone else’s soapbox (Mercury/Pluto square Uranus).  Rather than dissipate the energy through spouting what we already see and know to be true, we can use this same energy to propel us further outside the box of our current thinking, and discover even wider vistas, truths and gain greater perspective.

Birds Fly High And Proud Around The Aquarian Constellation Of The Water Bearer.

The starry configurations of the Toucan, Crane, Swan and Eagle fly high and swirl around the constellation of the Water Bearer.  Consider the Eagle that glides on the currents of the wind far above all earthly activity.  He sees all.  This is the Aquarian mind.  Detached.  Objective.  Cool.  Able to take in the entire landscape.  We have potential this month for Clear Vision – Beyond this moment.  Beyond current politics.  Beyond even our life.  We can gain insight into the larger pattern of what is unfolding happening.  With this, we have inSight as to where we are within the grand scheme of it all.

Aquarius is an air sign.  Air moves and swirls above the earth, not on the earth. It seeks pure thought and altruistic ideas.  Detached from entanglements, interpersonal dynamics and the minutiae of daily life, Aquarius is looking at the collective and the story of humanity.  This New Moon asks us to see the world in a reasonable and rational way.  Progressive and able to think out of the box, the Aquarian impulse is looking to formulate concepts and plans that will serve and care for all humanity.  In aligning with the Aquarian mind, the plans naturally encompass a vision for social justice and a respect for all forms of life.

Four Planets In Pisces Tie Our Objective Understanding With An Intuitive, Spiritual Sense Of Truth.

Our skin is thinner, our defenses lower, our sensitivity is heightened with Neptune, Venus, Mars and the South Node all in the Dreamer of the Zodiac, Pisces.  There are great treasures to be found in having such a strong emphasis in Pisces:  Creativity, Intuition, Attunement to a divine presence permeates all life.  With greater sensitivity though we are more open to outside influences and need to take care of ourselves when around situations or people that are angry, agitated or fearful.  We can be a sponge soaking in their energy which in turn can cloud our vision and perspective.

Do We Value Ourselves? Do We Feel Valued?  — The Positioning Of Venus Will Bring Us Face To Face With Where We Sell Ourselves Short.

Venus is under stress, sandwiched between Mars and Chiron, passion and wounding and the three in square to Saturn the taskmaster.

We may come face to face with feelings of unworthiness or be aware of how we are not being valued and supported in the way we want. When our value comes into question, it is hard to be objective or have the clarity of vision.  We may feel this on a financial level, imagining we lack what it takes to feel abundant.  It can cause havoc in our relationships in business, with our family and friends or in our romantic life.  We can identify the root of the mistrust and rather than distancing ourselves from someone we feel doesn’t see or value us, look for how we can move closer to valuing ourselves and our own sense of worth.

Ultimately, It’s About Rising Above The Chatter.  Having The Vision. Walking Our Talk.  Moving In Step With Our Tribe.

Thinking of another bird, Aquarius is the sign of the Swan.  You remember the swan that grew up amongst a family of ducks, trying so hard to walk like a duck, quack like a duck, be a duck.  But the poor swan simply never measured up or felt at home with the duck community.  Aquarians often see what others cannot and all others can say is:  they march to the beat of a different drummer.  Aquarius is the oddball – eccentric, brilliant, visionary, humanitarian oddball.  We all have a bit of the oddball in us – finding ourselves in families, in workplaces or subject to governments that do not resonate with what interests and fires us up.

So, if indeed we are swans, then we have no business spouting our dreams to ducks, aligning with ducks and asking them to accept us as ducks.   If we are a great lioness, it does not serve us to try to live and act like a house cat.  We can pretend only so long to be something you are not.

Aquarians as much as they love humanity, they can have a difficult time with humans.  They are then the loners of the zodiac.  But going it alone will not fulfill the Aquarian soul.  Finding the swans, those that hear the same beat we hear, see what we see.  Because when we join together around a clear vision, events will unfold to root the vision and cause it to flower in the world.  So…having the big picture is only the first step.  Finding those who can see it with us is the next.  Joining together with those who can see and value what we do, will increase our sense of value and what we are able to bring into the world.

Mars Is Poised To Spur Us Into Action!

Do you know where Aries is in your birthchart?

With Mars leaving the imaginal realm, the dreaming waters of Pisces just after the New Moon, it will enter the innovative fire sign of Aries, ready to burst forth with renewed passion and enthusiasm.  We are ready to fight the good fight!

Uranus is already hanging out in Aries, stirring up a passion for radical change

These two planets together, over the next weeks, have great potential to create unprecedented movement in a specific area of our life.  Are we ready?

How do we get ready?  We let the energies of this New Moon lift our wings and have us rise above it all to see it all for what it is.  We let go of patterns that have us not feel worthy or valued by not shying away from the feelings that tell us otherwise.  We actively engage people of like-mind, our tribe, and we stand together for what we see, what we value, what we love.

The Age of Aquarius is upon us and we can align and be lifted by the energies of the new earth emerging as we align and move with the energies of this New Moon.

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