Fall Special!

Fall Special: $20 Off All Readings

For you or someone you love:cat gazing at cosmos

A gift of perspective to better navigate life!

To Redeem, email Liv at livitupastrology@gmail.com
Offer valid through October 3, 2018

“I have had a few astrology readings over the years with other astrologers, and Olivia is as gifted an astrologer as they get. Not only does she have great clarity in her ability to see and connect the planetary energies at play, but her ability to translate what she understands for lay ears is precise, poetic and profound. Her reading is thorough and she goes deeply into answering the questions I have. I came away from my reading feeling as if I had stronger roots connecting within myself as well as an eagle eye understanding of my life. I will refer to my reading as a touchstone, and for clarity and illumination as I go down the windy road of the year ahead.”  Karla Refoxo, Santa Barbara, CA