Venus takes Center Stage This Week: Make Room for Connection and Joy!

If we have an attitude of ‘work as usual’, we may miss a juicy opportunity.  Besides, we may not feel much like being disciplined and working hard this week anyway.

Venus Sidles up Alongside Expansive Jupiter – Sunday thru Tuesday (Nov 12 -14)basking in cosmos stars beauty

Our desires are heightened with Venus in Scorpio. Our desire for sensuous pleasure is amplified as Venus joins forces with Jupiter.

There are many ways to experience the pleasure of Venus and Jupiter’s coupling , such as having dinner with friends or making love by a fire. If we are tied to the workplace, walk with a colleague to discuss a topic rather than sitting in an office or bring homemade muffins to the break room and let everyone gather to chat and eat. By venturing out of our daily routine, we may even meet someone new who brings joy and added pizzazz to our life.

What would create fun, enjoyment and connection with others within your week?

Money is also emphasized.  An investment can pay off. We can also make purchases of things that bring beauty to our homes, bodies, or others.

The one cautionary note is to watch a tendency to overindulge as Jupiter can generate a misconception that if something feels good, more if that something will be even better.

Venus Leaves Jupiter to Rendezvous with Creative, Mystical Neptune            Wednesday thru Friday (Nov 15 – 17)

Practicality be damned!  We want to feel inspired!  We want romance! We want to connect with why we are here in this human body on this earth journey. Creative juices are flowing.  We can make art, make a flower arrangement, redecorate, go dancing.

The portal is opening to having connection with the sacred and eternal energies of the universe. We can engage in activities that inspire intimate connection with the divine creative, life-giving energy moving.  This time is opportune for meditating, journaling, spending time in nature, writing a poem.  Dance is a natural expression of Venus/Neptune.  We can let ourselves dance in the way we dance best!

We can spend time with kindred spirits who we feel a deep soul connection. If we meet someone knew, they make awaken the romantic in us.

This Week Make a Point to Engage in Activities that Bring us Joy!


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