Taurus Full Moon on November 4

The Tallest Oak in the Forest was Once Just a Little Nut that Held Its Ground

bear fall leaves by Laura RamieThe TAURUS FULL MOON on November 4 reminds us
to ground ourselves and savor the simple pleasures already at hand.

The tremendous currents of change that are brewing
are receiving added fuel this month as several planets move through Scorpio,
and we move through the autumn season of transformation

The Moon in Taurus reminds us to slow down, keep it simple,
and carve out the time engage in activities
that relax and have us feel at home in our skin.

We are feeling a deep desire for change in our lives and in the world.
We are each defining it and moving with it in our own way.
The desire is compelling us to address what we feel is missing.

Scorpio stirs deep desire, desire for something we don’t already have
And creates the conditions for change to happen to satisfy the desire
Scorpio operates with intensity and complexity,
stirring up hidden truths and feelings
To enact a transformation.

The Full Moon invites us to give ourselves to the everyday cares and pleasures.
As I mulled over the energies of the Full Moon,
a saying kept repeating itself in my mind:
The tallest oak in the forest was once just a little nut that held its ground.
Saying this sentence had the effect of relaxing me,
and having me embrace where and what I am right now.

Scorpio is the urge to become the oak;
It is the life force that propels the growth and transformation from acorn to oak.

Taurus is the acceptance and joy found where we are in the process.
And how does this little nut accomplish the great feat of become a mighty oak:
it holds its ground.
How do we hold ground? How do we feel rooted?
How do we nurture the feeling at home with where we have found ourselves?

Another saying (this one by Angela Farmer) also comes to mind.
It is also about trees.
(The falling leaves have drawn my attention to the trees
and so trees are on my mind.)
Like a tree, you have to find your roots, and then you can bend with the wind

Taurus is a sign of earth and fertility.
It is beneficial to engage in activities associated with Taurus:

Good Food and Ambiance. Set a table. Add candles. Arrange the food on the plate. Savor each bite. Select a wine or special drink. Multiple courses are best, as each dish can be savored and the meal can be extended and fill an evening.

Relationship with the Earth. Place our feet on the soil. Work in the garden (turn the soil, prune or winterize the yard). Walk in the woods. Lay in the fallen leaves.

Music. Song. Dance. Listen to music. Play an instrument. Sing. Dance to music. Go to a concert.

Sensual Delight.  Activities that bring enjoyment to the senses. Bubble baths. Make love. Fabrics against the skin that give pleasure (blankets, dresses, sweaters…). Dress so to feel beautiful and sensuous.

Create Beauty. Arrange flowers in a vase. Decorate the home with something new. Notice and give gratitude for the beauty of nature, a sunrise, how a bird flies across the sky…
The Following Grounding Exercise was probably invented by a Taurean. It can be done at anytime, but I would like to invite us over the next few days to do it while eating a meal (thought it can be done with any activity.
5 things you see
5 things you feel
3 things you hear
2 things you smell
1 thing you taste

In summary,
there may be much that is missing from our life
And we may feel there is much to do to become a mighty oak,
But to do arrive at where we want to be,
there is much to appreciate and savor that is already within reach:

We can delight in the sun rising daily to warm us,
The softness of the pillow that we rest our head on,
The air that fills our lungs with life —
It is a Full Moon that invites a pause –
Its not just about listing the gifts that have been given,
But to take pleasure in them.
These acts will ground and root us to meet the changes coming.

With each inhale lift your heart closer to the sun
With each exhale, root your heels more deeply in the ground
And experience the beauty the Taurus Full Moon offers.

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