Venus Retrograde: A Renewal of Love, Beauty & Prosperity

orchid delicate flowerVenus will be in the Sign of Aries for Four Months with a dip back into the waters of Pisces as she journeys into the light of the Sun to re-emerge as the morning star to herald the dawn of a new day.

It is a journey of self love, of tending to the relationship with our self that will result in experiencing greater love, beauty and abundance in our life

Read the recent Liv It Up Astrology Newsletter for further insight into what Venus is reflecting in our own life by clicking here

What is Venus stirring in your life?…. 20-minute reading for $25   …………………. This special mini reading will offer insight into how to move with the Venus Retrograde in your life.  Email to schedule your Venus Retrograde reading.


2 thoughts on “Venus Retrograde: A Renewal of Love, Beauty & Prosperity

  1. Hi!

    I have had so much going on and March is looking very busy. Still want to do a reading. Maybe April first week?

    Xx Iman

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  2. Thanks for please reports Liv.
    I’m Copying Alice because she says she’s ready to have a reading with you. I guess I’ll wait and pay when you guys work out a date? I highly recommended she have a astrocartography reading for her daughter while she’s researching where to attend college. Moving out of my bad zone into a neutral one has made such a big difference to me. Now I understand why, for most of my life, I spent researching where to move to and moving at least every two years;
    but alas always within the same bad vicinity or another bad zone, so nothing improved. I’m looking forward to having a vacation someday in one of my good zones to see what difference that makes.


    Patricia Barrett
    text 240-446-2544



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