Full Sagittarius Moon 5/21/16

There is a fbreathing fireeistiness to the Sagittarius Full Moon on today.  Like anything spicy, it can enliven life or create a burning in our gut.  It is beneficial to welcome and lean into the heat of the moment and not take action to vent or dissipate it out of a desire to simply be rid of it.

Feelings are amplified as we engage with new insights and breakthroughs of perception.  Sagittarius, ever the philosopher, takes the facts and information that Gemini (its polar opposite, where the Sun currently resides) and assigns meaning to them to arrive at the truth as we see it.  Done well, Gemini provides the intelligence and Sagittarius:  the Wisdom.

We may want to assert this in reaction to an outside perspective that occurs as dogmatic, rigid and not humane.  As we engage others, or even the conversation within our own mind, we may feel provoked and our fighting spirit ignited.  Fighting the good fight is noble, but throwing punches or letting our frustration/anger get the better of us will only complicate what we are wanting to accomplish.