Pisces New Moon and Solar Eclipse March 8 2016

Set an intention for a quantum shift around healing the perception of our separateness from all creation during the 24-hour window of the Pisces Nwomen w doveew Moon that begins this evening March 8, 2016.

A Super Moon and a Solar Eclipse, This New Moon comes rolling in like a tsunami of imaginative potential where old wounds can be aired and cleared so we can each experience renewed vitality, creativity and new beginnings in the months that follow.

Perhaps we should love ourselves so fiercely that when others look at us they know exactly how it should be done – Rudy Francisco

The Solar Eclipse New Moon Lineup:

Super Moon:                                             The Moon is as close to the earth as it can get, meaning water levels are higher affecting tides, weather patterns and emotions.

Total Solar Eclipse:                                The Moon eclipses the Sun across the Western Pacific, Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Malaysia and parts of China and Japan.

A Piscean Feast:                                    Six planets in the sign of the Dreamer plus the South Node  Planets in Pisces: Sun, Moon, Chiron, Ceres, Mercury, Neptune.

Chiron (the wounded healer)             conjoins the New Moon and Nodes and speaks of ancient wounds ready to be healed.

Jupiter, North Node and Saturn         forms a stressful T Square with the New Moon and Chiron -Urging us to ground our imagination, dreams and ideals in practical application. Asking us to pace ourselves, not to get ahead of ourselves or to give up because something is challenging.

Pluto (transformation)                          supports the healing process  that is available as it forms a harmonious relationship with the above-mentioned planets AND is still seeding deep shifts in its now 4-year revolutionary and ground breaking relationship with Uranus (change).

The Pisces New Moon each year offers us the opportunity to dip our toe into the Cosmic Ocean of Becoming to renew our connection, our pipeline to the source that gives breath to all creation. We do this to deepen our love and compassion. This in turn is what gives birth to inspired creativity and imagination that we express through our relationships, careers, and activities.

The Pisces New Moon Is Also A Super Moon, enhancing and lighting up the pipeline to the Source of all life. Feelings and intuitions will be heightened as we are more open to realms beyond our five senses.

Typically, we maximize New Moon energies by emptying and stilling ourself to receive guidance and inspiration that then becomes the seeds we will plant and nurture into being. While this remains true enough for any New Moon, with the dynamic power-packed energy of tonight’s New Moon, we may feel restless or unable to quiet the inner turbulence that is stirred. In being present with the turbulence, giving it our attention and acceptance, a way can open to the root of the disturbance.

Now Add the Full Eclipse!

The electromagnetic frequency coming from the Sun is interrupted during an eclipse causing a resetting, a readjusting, a realignment of some kind that affects us until the next Solar eclipse, which will be this September. The intentions, conscious or not, we put forth at this time carry added weight and thrust; they set a tone and a course that will carry us through the summer.

This New Moon emphasizes a collective calling to remember all life deserves respect and care. The astrological dynamics of the last several years have caused seismic shifts in the way humankind perceives the earth, the divine, and all that breathes. There is a revolution afoot in countries around the world that asks us to return to living in harmony with natural laws and not rules manufactured by corporations to turn a profit. This Full Eclipse furthers us on the course to actualizing a new shared dream that is emerging.

Planets in our charts The New Moon impacts each of us a little differently in our lives.

What house does Pisces occupy in your birthchart? The activities that exemplify this house will indicate what areas of life most affected and therefore become the areas of contemplation, healing and renewed vitality. Also, note if you have any planets in Pisces, Sagittarius, Virgo and Gemini between 16 and 19 degrees. These planets will be stimulated during this eclipse. If you have a number of planets that fit the above description, this becomes an especially powerful New Moon for you in your life.

There is possibility for deep healing of old and ancient wounds as Chiron (the wounded healer) and the South Node (signature patterns created from a long ago past) conjoins the New Moon.

As everything that exists emerged from an ineffable divine source that inspires, renews and nurtures all life, we are all channels that bridge the formless potential with what is manifest in time and place. As humans, our channels are inevitably clogged or twisted from childhood/ancient wounds, known and unknown. Giving attention to the clearing of this channel, the love of the universe can more readily pour through to enliven our families, careers, communities…to wherever we give our attention.

96% of the universe is beyond our five senses; only 4% is visible or measurable, even with our most sophisticated scientific instruments.  If we can heal and open to just a fraction of our connection to this universal presence our lives will change and be enlivened in remarkable and unimaginable ways. Pisces is that 96%.

If we took all the atoms on the earth and put them together – all the mountains and animals, trees and people, buildings and waters, the atoms would fit inside a thimble! The rest is simply called ‘space’. That space is the glue that binds all living matter. That space is the Dreamer, the divine breath that grants and energizes and sanctions all we call life. In recognizing the realm of this ‘space’, we comprehend the interconnectedness of creation and the beautiful dance between the divine and the manifest. Pisces is this space…a cosmic ocean, the womb from which all emerges and all returns, as well as the glue that continually enlivens, feeds and sustains what is.

A small shift in perspective can make a big difference. Profound and wondrous occurrences can happen if we let go of believing we know what we are all about, or that with concentrated research and effort we can identify the variables and conjure up the desired solutions and strategic plans to achieve them. To create a shift, we need to slow our pace and quiet our minds. The universal energy that flows through this silence is unconditional love. Pisces is this love, the embodiment of compassion.

As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces is the cosmic oceanic waters from which all creation emerges, is renewed and eventually returns to the womb of becoming. Pisces carries the memories of our ancestors, our past lives, all humanity. It stands at the gateway between potentiality and actualization, between definition and separateness and unity. The symbol for Pisces is two fishes swimming in opposite directions, their tails knotted together. Pisces sees both sides of an issue and embodies the resolution to the perception of polarity. (light/dark, good/bad…). Within the experience of Pisces, there is no polarity. All is one. This New Moon brings healing energy to clear the wounds and blocks that keep us from this experience.

So how will this show up in our lives?

  • We may feel confused or exhausted as we encounter the powerful energies of this New Moon. We may feel more ‘dreamy’, not able to focus. If possible, allow this experience and refrain from willing ourselves to focus our attention from a value for being practical or responsible. Be mindful around what we are experiencing, observing and allowing, holding ourselves within this, and the fog will transform on its own.
  • Our bodies may be calling out for added attention. We may be drawn to taking care of our physical health and where it has broken down.
  • We may have dreams at night that speak to the healing taking place, healing of abandonment or betrayal. Strong feelings may emerge as part of a purging process. Find a way to allow, embrace and love ourself in them, recognizing these feelings have been stuck within us, sometimes in a loop of beliefs that reinforce but do not release them. This New Moon is a powerful time to shift patterns that allow healing and resolution to deep-seated intense emotions.
  • Our creative juices may be stirred. If this happens, follow the move to create: a poem, a painting, a garden, a meal. The creative process assists the healing of the channel, reinforcing our connection to the great unseen forces of creation.
  • Our imagination may be quickened and we may experience inspiration and revelation. It is best to write it down, talk about it, but not to act on it until the light of the Moon is gaining.
  • We may feel a heightening of our intuition and sensitivities. Pisces is the Empath; in that feeling of deep connectivity with all life, we may be picking up and feeling other’s experiences. Our inner ear and inner eye will be opened and we may hear the voice of the earth, the message of the mountains, or song of the river. If we become quiet, we may hear the music of the spheres.

The stressful aspects to the New Moon alert us to potential pitfalls and traps.

  • Attuned to potentialities, to realms beyond time and space, we may have difficulty discerning fact from fiction. We may misinterpret a situation, comment or message. The line between fantasy and true vision can be a thin one.
  • It is prudent to approach this New Moon with humility and simplicity – as the energy is heightened, it is all too easy to succumb to overindulging in substances, to give into addictions as a way to feel a high we cannot create naturally. In our numbness and disconnection, we may take shortcuts to an altered experience that only results in creating an escape that results in further numbness.
  • What emerges in this eclipse and the days after, may fill us with wonder. We need to recognize that it is something moving through us and is not us. Believing we are the source of the inspiration or becoming arrogant around our own creative capacities or vision will set a course for disillusionment.

The Point:

Yes, we are clearing our channel. Yes, we are healing old wounds. Yes, we are healing the wounds of our ancestors.  And this is not the goal!

We are doing this so we can restore humanity’s connection with the divine. With this, humanity’s urge towards rugged individualism will subside in the recognition that we are all in this together: people, animals, earth, planets, water, all.

As we heal, our compassion will flow from a deep and abiding love for ourself and all we encounter. The focus is not our families, our work, our finances, the environment, our social activism or what we seek to build. The focus is on healing this channel for the divine flow of life and then allowing the love to flow and from this flow all the things we wish to birth or chabird and tree w waternge or renew will happen in a way beyond anything we could have imagined.

When women were birds,
There was the simple understanding
That to sing at dawn

And to sing at dusk
Was to heal the world through joy.
The birds still remember what we have forgotten,
That the world is m
eant to be celebrated.
-Terry Tempest Williams

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