Living with the Moon: A Webinar

Enliven Your Relationship with the Moon! Moon becomes river
Discover ways to engage the Moon’s Phases.
Maximize the potential of the Dark Moon period.
Strengthen reflective and intuitive sensibilities.
Align with cyclical time and ancestral wisdom.

Four Tuesdays in February
5:30pm PST

Cost: $65 Introductory Rate

The webinar is filled with practical, astrological and esoteric information about the Moon along with experiential exercises to have you connect with the wisdom of the Moon’s phases.

As you engage the Moon through this webinar, your reflective and intuitive sensibilities will be strengthened, and you will become better aligned with cyclical time and ancestral wisdom.

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You can still attend the Mercury Retrograde Webinar

Due to requests, an additional webinar has been added!  If you missed the one this past Sunday, there is another opportunity to participate!


Thursday, January 6, 2016
5:15 pm PDT / 6:15 pm MDT / 8:15 EDT
Cost:  $15

Learn how to Navigate and Reap the Rewards inherent in a Mercury Retrograde from the comfort of your own home.

To Register: email and then receive full details on how to participate.

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What is in the stars for 2016?

cat with star glasses2016 will be characterized by the shifting sands of change that will bring unexpected detours and the sudden appearance of openings that will lead us into terrain that has yet to be mapped.

We are being asked to pick up the gauntlet and unabashedly move headlong towards a future not yet defined but is emerging from the pulse of the heart that beats for all humanity.

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