Christmas Full Moon 2015

Take a Leap of Faith to Nurture What We Love in an Unprecedented Way –

This is the theme of The Cancer Full Moon on Christmas Day. For the first time since 1977, the Full Moon has landed on December 25, and our feelings of belonging are stimulated.

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Where do we experience our sense of belonging? 

The yearning we have for an abiding connection with a place and a people is the motivating factor in taking an unprecedented risk – a bold action that we likely have been contemplating during the last months. The action may or may not seem large or particularly newsworthy to others, but it marks a moment where we are not governed by the fears that have bound us.

We are prompted to trust a newfound courage and willingness to break out, speak out, reach out as Uranus in Aries endorses and buoys are efforts. This planet of Change and Freedom goes Direct on the Full Moon after 6 months of being Retrograde, and in the fiery sign of new beginnings (Aries) it is auspicious for making a high stakes gamble.

The Moon is in its own sign:  Cancer.  A symbol of water and feeling, the Cancerian urge is safety found in belonging to a place and a people where we are known and loved for who we are.  Feelings are heightened about how we mother and are mothered: homemade food, a warm comforter on the bed, people we can hug, cry and laugh with.   It seems natural with the Full Moon to be with those we love.  And yet…

The Sun in Capricorn has an opposing agenda to the Cancerian energies giving this Full Moon its particular flavor of crisis, culmination and heightened feeling.  Happening so close to the winter solstice when the Sun standstill at 0 degrees Capricorn, the Cancer/Capricorn axis gives this day added significance.

The Cancer (summer) and Capricorn (winter) solstices are pivotal points of the year where the tilt of the Earth’s axis shifts, allowing an increased influx of cosmic energies into the Earth’s electromagnetic field for several days before and after the exact time of the solstice. The Cancer solstice marks the day when we can anticipate the days getting shorter and light decreasing.  At the Capricorn Solstice, there is a birth of new light that emerges from the darkest day and the promise of new light and new life.

Cancer is the Great Gateway in, the descent of the soul into human experience. Capricorn is the Great Gateway out, the ascent and return to spiritual union. Cancer seeks home and family, the experience of nourishing bonds and surroundings that support our growth. As we cultivate our inner life, our soul light builds and radiates out to nurture others. We ultimately discover that our true “home” is actually the light inside our own heart.

After the soul has tired of living in density and separation, it enters the Capricorn Gateway and begins its return journey, the climb to the mountaintop, the attainment of a unified consciousness. Capricorn seeks to create forms based on spiritual truths with the realization that matter is composed of light and that we are here to preserve rather than plunder the physical world.

The Cancer/Capricorn polarity describes the profound reorientation that results when we shift from thinking we are human beings trying to be spiritual, to knowing that we are that spiritual essence personified within a place and time.

The significance of the new light of the winter solstice happening in Capricorn, the 3rd and densest of the earth planets, is that the Capricorn is focused on enlivening matter so heaven and earth come together, where the divine and the temporal are married.

In being fully human, the soul becomes wholly embodied; Capricorn (structure and boundary) provides the temple that can contains the divine light. This light is renewed, newly enlivened within matter at the moment of the solstice (which is also celebrated within traditions such as Christmas, Hanukah, and Kwanzaa with feasts, gifts and candle lighting).

Emotional intensity is part and parcel of Full Moon energy each month, as the months activities culminate and come to a crisis point where we can see our dreams come to life and simultaneously become aware of where there is need for improvement.

With all this in mind, Christmas Day becomes a day where we feel drawn to embrace those we love, to take a risk in creating greater intimacy and rapport and mutual generosity.  Time with those we love is enhanced with the Moon’s intensity that can illuminate where we there is acceptance, rapport and nurturance as well as highlight areas where we feel separate.

And… within our interactions today, this there is a recognition that the fulfillment of our yearning for belonging can never be fully satisfied through our attachments to the people and places of the earth.

The call to find our place within the divine play of the cosmos and come home to ourselves creates a movement towards a new balance between the attention we give to finding earthly security and our capacity to move and dance with an eternal and abiding reality that stretches beyond cultural norms – to be in tune with the home that we originally came from and to the one where we are destined to return.

For those who are alone this Christmas and elect not to be or cannot be with family, the Cancer Moon can bring up strong feelings about family and home and what we may have lost or still long for.

For those who are heading to be with loved ones, there can be an heightened awareness of the value and shortcomings within our relationships.

It is also valuable to remember that we are all feeling these energies and to give space for others to behave uncharacteristically – and whether the expression is magnanimous, petty, heartwarming or vitriolic, it is coming from a yearning akin to our own.  The way through is recognize as best we can the divine spark shining within ourselves and others.

It is a day to bring the new light of the solstice into our hearts. The New Moon on December 11 was an invitation to identify and clarify the prayer of our heart.  December 25 is the day for having this quicken and to take a step to see it come to life.

Let us each seek to marry heaven and earth on this day by recognizing the alchemical wonder of life – how the divine infuses and animates all matter and that we are each a miracle manifested in a particular place at a particular time with a particular set of people.

It takes one small act, one small affirmation to alter the course of a ship or a life – meaning that even a small action, word or thought can be profoundly significant.  In whatever the day brings, let us see the divine within ourselves and with those we engage so that the light is quickened in our lives and a new way of relating and being in the world is forged.

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