Thrive! in a Mercury Retrograde

Special Teleclass:  Why Survive a  Mercury Retrograde when you can have the tools to Thrive and reap the benefits of the upcoming Jan 5 – 25 retrograde cycle!

street sign merc retSunday, January 3

4:30 pm (EDT) / 7:30 pm (EDT)

Cost:  $15

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Christmas Full Moon 2015

Take a Leap of Faith to Nurture What We Love in an Unprecedented Way –

This is the theme of The Cancer Full Moon on Christmas Day. For the first time since 1977, the Full Moon has landed on December 25, and our feelings of belonging are stimulated.

lily magic

Where do we experience our sense of belonging? 

The yearning we have for an abiding connection with a place and a people is the motivating factor in taking an unprecedented risk – a bold action that we likely have been contemplating during the last months. The action may or may not seem large or particularly newsworthy to others, but it marks a moment where we are not governed by the fears that have bound us.

We are prompted to trust a newfound courage and willingness to break out, speak out, reach out as Uranus in Aries endorses and buoys are efforts. This planet of Change and Freedom goes Direct on the Full Moon after 6 months of being Retrograde, and in the fiery sign of new beginnings (Aries) it is auspicious for making a high stakes gamble.

The Moon is in its own sign:  Cancer.  A symbol of water and feeling, the Cancerian urge is safety found in belonging to a place and a people where we are known and loved for who we are.  Feelings are heightened about how we mother and are mothered: homemade food, a warm comforter on the bed, people we can hug, cry and laugh with.   It seems natural with the Full Moon to be with those we love.  And yet…

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Rare Full Moon on Christmas

christmas full moon

A full moon will light up Christmas skies for the first time since 1977.

The Yuletide Full Moon, also known as The Full Cold Moon arrives when the nights are at their longest and darkest. The midwinter full moon rides high in the sky in contrast to a low-hanging sun.

Only three full moons have coincided with Christmas Day since 1900 – the last one in 1877 and after this year, the next will be in 2034.