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Cancer Full Moon on New Years Day

indonesia boys waterfall water leap joyThe Full Moon prods us to remember why we are doing everything we do. 

As we set our New Years Resolutions for all we want to achieve or change, we are prompted to be warriors of compassion, moving in tune with our feelings and mindful of what truly nurtures us and others.

This is a Super Moon, with the Moon as close to the earth as it comes in its orbit, so tide and feelings are heightened even more than a typical Full Moon.  And in Cancer, this Full Moon our feelings which will cue us to the areas of life to direct our attention.

The Cancer Moon accentuates our desire to love and be loved, to have a home that feels safe and relationships that nurture.  At this time, we can more readily take steps to forgive or forge agreements with ourselves and others that move us in a direction of satisfying what we know is possible.

Opposite the Moon are four planets (Sun, Venus, Saturn, Pluto) in Capricorn.  These planets are emphasizing practicality, responsibility and giving our attention to strengthening or rethinking the structures of our life. They urge us to take control, act with integrity and be accountable.  This creates a dynamic tension between the business of life and the urge to be in contact with the beauty of what life has to offer.   With luck, there is a synergy between the two.  But for many of us, it feels like a juggling act trying to find balance between honoring our feelings and being accountable for our commitments.

“Without form there is no flow”, a dance instructor of mine used to say. In other words, without earth, the water doesn’t know where or how to flow. By contrast, too much form (earth) can constrict the flow (water). The water dissipates and we become dry. This shows up when we are meeting the obligations and commitments of life.  But we have dried up, become numb, too tired to connect with the life-giving feelings of why we are doing what we are doing.

Cancer is Water: the river, the source of life.  It is creative, nurturing, rejuvenating.  It is love.  It embraces.  It is the ebb and flow of our feeling nature

Capricorn is Earth:  a mountain, solid, stable, reliable.  It is the infrastructure or structure of our lives and our society.

Earth holds and channels water.  Feelings are held within the form of our body.  The river flows within the channel provided by the riverbank.  Without the form (earth), water floods or disperses.  Too much form and the water is dammed.

There is an intimate relationship between earth and water, just as there is between our bodies and everything we experience within our bodies.  We do not have a life without a body, and life is merely about surviving or enduring if there is not a flow of feeling, nurturance and connectivity.

Four Planets in Water Form a Cosmic Triangle (Moon, Mars Jupiter, Neptune, Mars)

This alignment draws forth the mystic in each of us.

The Moon is our feelings and need for nurturance

Neptune sensitizes us to our intuition, creativity and the divine

Mars energizes our feelings, propelling us to act on them

 Jupiter expands and accentuates all of the above, having us feel a confidence to engage the depth of our sensitivity.

The synergistic alignment between these planets can show  up in a potent dream, pscyhic openings, creating art, extending forgiveness to ourselves or another, or simply to spend time with those we love.

We can look for and rejoice in activities that flex the muscle of our creativity, our sensitivity, our need for connection with others.  Our imagination is quickened.  Our intuition is heightened.  Our dreams can carry potent images and messages from the depths of our soul

Modern life encourages us to toughen up, to minimize the deep sensitivities within us.  To value and develop the realm of water within us we need honor the depths of our feelings and validate the basic human needs for safety, home, and family.  We are being supported to forgive ourselves and others, to jump into the stream of life, recognizing that all is made of love and we are love.  This truth can all to easily be brushed aside within the complexity and demands of our mechanized civilized life.  At the very minimum, we can take time to be with, listen to and validate what we are feeling.  It will give us clarity and guidance on how to move forward.

In all likelihood, the tension between the Sun and the Moon and the planets reinforcing their opposition at this Full Moon will have us aware of where the flow of good feelings is being constricted by some structure or obligation in our life.  We will feel moved to some changes so that we can feel more juicy and alive.

The Capricorn theme will continue through 2018 which indicates that we will need to roll up our sleeves and put a fair amount of effort into the nuts and bolts of our life so that we are more expressed and have more a feeling of flow.  The house where Capricorn resides in our individual birth charts will indicate where we will seek to strengthen or restructure – it can be in the area of budgeting, relationship, career, community, family.

This Full Moon simply reminds us to set our New Years’s Resolutions and engage the activation of our intentions with compassion and connection to the heart of why we are doing it all anyway.

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Sagittarius New Moon on December 18

aurora borealis 2The Sagittarius New Moon encourages us to believe in ourselves and align with what we know to be true.  Then, feeling grounded in this, we can access the imagination, commitment and courage to responsibly engage our lives with a spirit of adventure.

Do not be dismayed by the brokenness of the world.

All things break.  And all things can be mended.

Not with time, as they say, but with intention.

So go.  Love intentionally, extravagantly, unconditionally.

The broken world waits in darkness for the lightness that is you.

L.R. Knos

Seeing the Archer is Me

There are benefits in taking time the next couple of days to contemplate The Archer as a mirror that can provide greater self-awareness.  The Archer is the constellation known as Sagittarius.  Located on the shore of the Milky Way, the archer is half horse, half man with his animal body integrated with his human torso and head.  His feet are planted on the ground and his gaze and full attention are focused on the Galactic Center.  In his hand is a bow that has been drawn back.  He is readying his arrow.  The Galactic Center, the place where cosmic radiation is pouring into our universe, is the bullseye point of his target.   All parts of the man/horse, bow/arrow, and target are fully aligned and coordinated.

Seeing ourselves as the Archer, we can set an intention this New Moon to make any needed adjustments to better align and feel a synergy between our animal and spiritual nature, our grounding, our aim, and what we are aiming at. If we give ourselves to review and adjust our alignment, we will more likely hit our mark when we shoot our arrow of intention into 2018.

For the complete writeup of the Sagittarius New Moon, click here

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December: Change is in the Air

 outside the box break through freeThe first days of December, we are primed to break out or break through barriers that are holding us back. 

Mars is squaring Uranus and we are willing to take a risk, try something different.  Energy that has been closeted and restrained is seeking freedom to express and release as the planet of Bold Action (Mars) being churned up by the planet of Change, Rebellion and Freedom (Uranus).

The expression will most likely be spontaneous and surprise us with the strength of feeling that has been bound by the restraint of inhibition and convention.  There is potential for innovation and a dynamic new approach to an issue we have been working with.  There is also a cautionary note as the energy can be erratic and volatile.  If we act with hastiness, impulsiveness or anger, we may have some cleanup to do in the wake of our actions.

The first days of December aside, the rest of the month, the forward motion of dynamic action will be tempered by deep thinking and review of our dreams, plans and beliefs.  We will be revisiting our past as a means to orient to the future.  It is akin to a performance review (that most of us have experienced in the workplace at some time in our life).  A performance review outlines strengths, areas of weakness. Based on the evaluation reveals, objectives are set for the next cycle.  If we do not resist or sidestep the task of undertaking a self-review this month, we can find richness and perspective that will allow us to move forward with greater confidence and grace as we begin 2018.

Look for the December Newsletter.  It  will expand on the

  • Mercury Retrograde (Dec 3 – 22)
  • Full and New Moons of the Month
  • Saturn moving into Capricorn where it will reside for the next two years.
  • The Winter Solstice – when a new light is birthed into the darkness, and what the character of this new light is that will shine forth in 2018

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Venus takes Center Stage This Week: Make Room for Connection and Joy!

If we have an attitude of ‘work as usual’, we may miss a juicy opportunity.  Besides, we may not feel much like being disciplined and working hard this week anyway.

Venus Sidles up Alongside Expansive Jupiter – Sunday thru Tuesday (Nov 12 -14)basking in cosmos stars beauty

Our desires are heightened with Venus in Scorpio. Our desire for sensuous pleasure is amplified as Venus joins forces with Jupiter.

There are many ways to experience the pleasure of Venus and Jupiter’s coupling , such as having dinner with friends or making love by a fire. If we are tied to the workplace, walk with a colleague to discuss a topic rather than sitting in an office or bring homemade muffins to the break room and let everyone gather to chat and eat. By venturing out of our daily routine, we may even meet someone new who brings joy and added pizzazz to our life.

What would create fun, enjoyment and connection with others within your week?

Money is also emphasized.  An investment can pay off. We can also make purchases of things that bring beauty to our homes, bodies, or others.

The one cautionary note is to watch a tendency to overindulge as Jupiter can generate a misconception that if something feels good, more if that something will be even better.

Venus Leaves Jupiter to Rendezvous with Creative, Mystical Neptune            Wednesday thru Friday (Nov 15 – 17)

Practicality be damned!  We want to feel inspired!  We want romance! We want to connect with why we are here in this human body on this earth journey. Creative juices are flowing.  We can make art, make a flower arrangement, redecorate, go dancing.

The portal is opening to having connection with the sacred and eternal energies of the universe. We can engage in activities that inspire intimate connection with the divine creative, life-giving energy moving.  This time is opportune for meditating, journaling, spending time in nature, writing a poem.  Dance is a natural expression of Venus/Neptune.  We can let ourselves dance in the way we dance best!

We can spend time with kindred spirits who we feel a deep soul connection. If we meet someone knew, they make awaken the romantic in us.

This Week Make a Point to Engage in Activities that Bring us Joy!


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Taurus Full Moon on November 4

The Tallest Oak in the Forest was Once Just a Little Nut that Held Its Ground

bear fall leaves by Laura RamieThe TAURUS FULL MOON on November 4 reminds us
to ground ourselves and savor the simple pleasures already at hand.

The tremendous currents of change that are brewing
are receiving added fuel this month as several planets move through Scorpio,
and we move through the autumn season of transformation

The Moon in Taurus reminds us to slow down, keep it simple,
and carve out the time engage in activities
that relax and have us feel at home in our skin.

We are feeling a deep desire for change in our lives and in the world.
We are each defining it and moving with it in our own way.
The desire is compelling us to address what we feel is missing.

Scorpio stirs deep desire, desire for something we don’t already have
And creates the conditions for change to happen to satisfy the desire
Scorpio operates with intensity and complexity,
stirring up hidden truths and feelings
To enact a transformation.

The Full Moon invites us to give ourselves to the everyday cares and pleasures.
As I mulled over the energies of the Full Moon,
a saying kept repeating itself in my mind:
The tallest oak in the forest was once just a little nut that held its ground.
Saying this sentence had the effect of relaxing me,
and having me embrace where and what I am right now.

Scorpio is the urge to become the oak;
It is the life force that propels the growth and transformation from acorn to oak.

Taurus is the acceptance and joy found where we are in the process.
And how does this little nut accomplish the great feat of become a mighty oak:
it holds its ground.
How do we hold ground? How do we feel rooted?
How do we nurture the feeling at home with where we have found ourselves?

Another saying (this one by Angela Farmer) also comes to mind.
It is also about trees.
(The falling leaves have drawn my attention to the trees
and so trees are on my mind.)
Like a tree, you have to find your roots, and then you can bend with the wind

Taurus is a sign of earth and fertility.
It is beneficial to engage in activities associated with Taurus:

Good Food and Ambiance. Set a table. Add candles. Arrange the food on the plate. Savor each bite. Select a wine or special drink. Multiple courses are best, as each dish can be savored and the meal can be extended and fill an evening.

Relationship with the Earth. Place our feet on the soil. Work in the garden (turn the soil, prune or winterize the yard). Walk in the woods. Lay in the fallen leaves.

Music. Song. Dance. Listen to music. Play an instrument. Sing. Dance to music. Go to a concert.

Sensual Delight.  Activities that bring enjoyment to the senses. Bubble baths. Make love. Fabrics against the skin that give pleasure (blankets, dresses, sweaters…). Dress so to feel beautiful and sensuous.

Create Beauty. Arrange flowers in a vase. Decorate the home with something new. Notice and give gratitude for the beauty of nature, a sunrise, how a bird flies across the sky…
The Following Grounding Exercise was probably invented by a Taurean. It can be done at anytime, but I would like to invite us over the next few days to do it while eating a meal (thought it can be done with any activity.
5 things you see
5 things you feel
3 things you hear
2 things you smell
1 thing you taste

In summary,
there may be much that is missing from our life
And we may feel there is much to do to become a mighty oak,
But to do arrive at where we want to be,
there is much to appreciate and savor that is already within reach:

We can delight in the sun rising daily to warm us,
The softness of the pillow that we rest our head on,
The air that fills our lungs with life —
It is a Full Moon that invites a pause –
Its not just about listing the gifts that have been given,
But to take pleasure in them.
These acts will ground and root us to meet the changes coming.

With each inhale lift your heart closer to the sun
With each exhale, root your heels more deeply in the ground
And experience the beauty the Taurus Full Moon offers.

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